There was a man who took his wife to see a doctor and after a long wait, a couple of pills were prescribed to her. And like the rest of us, he complained about how the health institution works in Nigeria- so many queues and a lot of time being wasted. He asked himself, why he couldn’t get direct access to a doctor from the comfort of his home? There, Mobidoc was birthed. With many variations of the app, finally there was Mobidoc.


Mobidoc is a mobile application for having a consultation with a verified doctor. Mobidoc allows you to have consultations with doctors and talk about your symptoms, just like you would do in a hospital. Mobidoc tracks consultations and prescriptions. It also works with labs. The aim is to get cheap medical care to people at their own comfort.


I met a few people from the Mobidoc team, one of them is the stunning Zara Dilli, the in-house doctor and dentist; Marvin Uche – business development; Timi – a developer; Ogubeni Wagu – in house doctor and there are a few others I did not get to meet that day.


It made me question how there could be so many people coming together for one purpose when it is usually hard to keep a team together but the Mobidoc team is united by the problem at hand and the desire to solve it continues to keep them together. From my observation, they are all smart people who still share jokes with each other and have a positive bond.


With a lot of resistance from some doctors and a lot of bureaucracy in the system to get such a project to take off, they had some issues getting to where they are now but one can look on the bright side with this app. A person can get real time consultations with registered and qualified doctors. Have you ever googled symptoms you had, to find the Internet telling you that you had some kind of rare and incurable disease? I am never doing that again, seriously. There are also some awkward conversations that you need to have with a doctor but doing that from home makes it so much easier. You can always get another opinion, on the same app.


As with Nigeria, many people might ponder what this would mean for the jobs of doctors if Mobidoc becomes the standard, nationwide but the reality is that Nigeria’s doctor to patient ratio is ridiculous and it is high time we create solutions to our problems. I like this idea, I like Mobidoc and I love that young Nigerians are not only thinking along the lines but taking steps to plan and execute these ideas!






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