The Campaign to End and Prevent Violence Against Women

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It is not a secret that biologically, a man is not built as a woman is, and in most cases, the man is superior in physical strength while I believe women are blessed with other natural strengths. The reality is this- the difference means that a woman is no match for a man during a physical altercation or attack. This is why sports competitions separate men from women. Another point we can pick from this is that women are the vulnerable ones, with some exceptions- as always.



We hear(or experience) the stories of rape, domestic violence and abuse with women as victims. The scary thing is that sometimes, the women do not make it through these experiences. If the world were perfect, we would not have to worry about violence against women but the world is not perfect and that is why we have the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the 16 days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence. This started on 25th November 2015 and will come to and end on 10th December 2015. The idea is to raise awareness and help prevent gender based violence.



In which ways can we help prevent gender-based violence? According to the United Nations (, we can do so by calling on our government to commit, act and steer resources towards the cause.


Fine, the United Nations is doing its part (ORANGE THE WORLD) in raising awareness but what are you doing for yourself (if you are a woman), your female friends and family? As a man, what are you doing to move against gender-based violence? The responsibility belongs to everyone.




Here are a few ways to start (just a start!):


  1. Up until 10th December, the colour for the campaign is Orange. Wear something Orange for as many days out of the 16 as you can. You can make your shop orange or at least images on your social media.


  1. Talk about the ‘Orange The World’ campaign on social media to raise awareness.


  1. Reach out to nightclubs, churches and any small community about the campaign.


  1. Ask yourself what you can do help women around you and prevent violence against them, even if it is just giving a listening ear to a little sister or friend who may not feel safe.


Keep the conversation going even after the campaign ends! If you have an experience of violence against yourself or another woman, please share them with me –






Also, a big thank you to Easy Taxi for sponsoring this article and for doing their bit is preventing violence against women.

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  • AsheMusa
    December 28, 2015

    This is really good. Unfortunately,some women think they deserve to be abused. I was talking to a group of girls about a violence case three days ago and one of them said “The man is her head and superior”. This was a gf/bf issue and they already think so. Heaven knows what they would think if it were a husband/wife issue.

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