The Best Things about the Met Gala

Every year, some of the most fabulous celebrities and socialites gather at the Met Gala in themed costumes and it is the red carpet I look forward to the most. Why, you may ask? The costumes are exquisite, eccentric but beautiful and designed by the most renowned fashion designers in the world. Every year I look forward to seeing who is ready to take the fashion up a notch.


This year’s theme was Manus x Machina : Fashion in the Age of Technology. It is such an interesting theme because it showcases designs made so beautifully by hand and how technology has changed some of the ways clothes are made over time focusing on the way lines are now becoming more blurry between ready-to-wear and haute couture and their methods of production.


These are my fave things about the Met Gala:


  • Best celebrities collaborate with the best designers
  • Designers walk in with the people in their dresses, unlike any other red carpet
  • Anna Wintour is queen of the ball.
  • The themes always show you who’s creative and fun enough to go for it
  • Vogue’s manusxmachina video booth! Obsessed with it!



Here are some of my fave looks for the Met Gala:





image image image image image image image image image





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