An Evening with Noel Empraw

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Classic Rock Café is a cool cozy café bathed in warm colours while the walls are decked with pictures of rock and roll legends. The ambience was warm and begging for a return some other day. Noel Empraw had his showcase there last night(13th June 2015) and I looked forward to his inspirational music. Such events ...

Omojuwa – You Dont Learn Passion, You’re Born With Passion

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Japheth Omojuwa is someone whose intensity and passion shows in his work as well as every aspect of his life. He strongly cares for Nigeria and how great it can be. He speaks at many events around the world and is a force to be reckoned with. I first came across him when his encounter with Arik Air made the news. I was immediately fascinated and knew that I had to keep up with someone who knew his rights and wanted answers he deserved.

Since then I have kept up with him and I was elated by the idea of interviewing him. What an interesting personality! Enjoy!

Morell- Nagode “Thank You”

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Morell is notorious for always saying "nagode" which is the Hausa word for 'thank you". He is also known for his catchy song, 'Ganga da Garaya' that was mostly sung in Hausa. Morell invited me to the studio where I met him, Phil of the Future and Kastro. When I got to the studio, I ...

A Weekend of Fashion in Abuja

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From Thursday December 4th, there were quite a few events going on in Abuja over the weekend. I attended four events, three of which were all about fashion, clothes and style. On Thursday, Mabs Couture had a showcase at The Quarter Cafe and gave out free scented wooden incense as is native to Kanuri people ...