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      Nanjing bailutong Logistics Co., Ltd

      Founded in 2001, Nanjing balutong Logistics Co., Ltd. is a national network transportation company focusing on road transportation and concurrently engaged in aviation, shipping and railway. It is a modern third-party logistics enterprise with domestic advanced transportation tools and management facilities. As a modern large-scale third-party logistics enterprise, blockbuster has a huge transportation fleet, and blockbuster logistics vehicles can be seen all over the country. In terms of vehicle management system, throughput and storage area, it can meet the needs of customer groups at different levels. In terms of risk protection, through strong overall insurance support, the interests of customers are fully protected, the transportation risk is reduced, and the customers of BLT have no worries. "If a worker wants to do well, he must sharpen his tools first.". Balutong has got rid of the traditional transportation and entered a new era of digital transportation. Logistics information management system, warehouse management system, vehicle management system, satellite positioning system, financial management system, decision analysis system, online query system, SMS notification, etc. all herald the advent of the digital transportation era. The huge network is another prerequisite for balutong to provide high-quality services. Balutong logistics has built a national freight network system centered on Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Qingdao and other four places, and an operation mode based on expressways and national high-grade highways. In the future, BLT logistics will take the in-depth development of cargo transportation industry as the leader and drive the horizontal combination of other industries..

      The direction of in-depth development is to improve transportation efficiency, accelerate the circulation of goods, shorten the transit time of goods, give full play to the efficiency of transportation equipment, and achieve the integration of people, vehicles and materials. At the same time, it will expand overseas based on China and gradually build a globalized land, sea and air interchange transportation network. Horizontal development is to gradually drive the development of green food base, domestic leasing services, international aviation and other industries with cargo transportation, form a diversified development pattern, increase the anti risk ability, and form a science and technology intensive industry with transportation as the main industry. Scientific and technological strength independently developed technical force in the face of a large number of businesses, blockbuster logistics relies on its own strong professional and technical team to meet the needs of customers. The new system fully realizes the integrated and centralized electronic management mode of business process management, data security management and transmission management. Combined with GPS positioning, cargo bar code detection and other technologies, it truly reflects the decisive role of digitization in modern transportation. The excellent practical technical force also ensures the rapid maintenance and upgrading of the enterprise network management system in the future operation, and modifies and provides new technical services at any time according to the customer's feedback, so as to maintain strong competitiveness and technical force. In the era of GPS positioning, satellite positioning system is one of the key points in the new national real-time networked cargo network management system officially launched in October 2008. Through positioning, the dispatching center can control all kinds of data such as the position, speed and direction of goods 24 hours a day; GSM national automatic roaming communication platform and short message function make information communication more timely and accurate, and also improve the comprehensive safety factor of vehicles and goods. The introduction of high technology will put an end to the history of "the transportation industry is operating out of control", and enterprises can more easily adjust and control business and reduce operating costs; Customers can know the location and arrival time of goods through the query system anytime and anywhere, and the overall operation system tends to be more transparent and systematic. The era of satellite positioning is a win-win era for customers and blockbuster. "If you want to do a good job, you must first use its tools". The high-end PC server system built with a huge amount of money is a powerful tool for blockbuster to ensure the smooth operation of network management and system.

      With 24-hour constant temperature monitoring server room and national real-time optical fiber broadband networking, blockbuster has always used high-end technology as the strong backing of its digital strategic plan. True e-commerce, facing the increasingly wide application of Internet network, bailutong has worked hard to plan and build an e-commerce platform truly related to the logistics industry. There are 16 standard semi-trailer flatcars and about 2 delivery vehicles in the city. In addition, there are more than 150 large vehicle transportation households with long-term cooperation. Through the strong overall insurance support, the interests of customers are fully protected, the transportation risk is reduced, and the customers of BLT have no worries. The enterprise management Belden logistics, which has won many certifications, has a perfect and standardized internal management system (human resources, information, finance, materials, vehicles and other management systems). Since January 2008, the company has implemented computerized operation process, and provided customers with delivery, delivery, business consultation, collection of payment and other services by using advanced network facilities and scientific management mode. We have summed up a lot of valuable transportation and management experience, constantly improve our own quality, improve our business level and give full play to our advantages. We also continue to develop cooperative relations with new enterprises and companies, and wholeheartedly create favorable conditions for them and better serve them.

      Welcome to Nanjing balutong Logistics Co., Ltd!