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Fave Instagram Posts of the Past Fortnight

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These are recent posts I really like...     Nush with the best selfies     Nour and Sadiq - dapper for graduation     Samira in a lovely full length dress at a Fundraising event     He has the best food posts and I love tea!     Di'ja with gorgeous cornrows     Loving Rukky's simple style in Florence     Ayeesha elegantly dressed in black at London Fashion Weekend     You're bound to find ...

S is for Survivor

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Walking into Salamander café, I could see that the room was packed and while I was standing, before I could get a seat, I got a glimpse of Samira’s face and she waved at me so I waved right back. I couldn’t wait to say hello to her as we had only previously spoken on ...

This is a Post About Nothing

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Have you seen the new trailer for Wale's next album? It's a trailer for The Album About Nothing.. it makes reference to the surprisingly bitter comments from Meek Mill on twitter a while ago and other sensitive Wale moments. I'm super excited about this! Wale is passionate, hardcore and sensitive but most importantly, lyrical and ...

Categories- What’s a Little Tolerance?

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As an ever-learning student of advertising and media, I have come to understand the need for categorisation of media objects into comedy or drama or even reality. As a marketer, I understand the need to categorise in order to get to the right people. As a lazy observer, I can see that almost everything is ...

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