Hey, I'm Mimie Laushi

Below you will find, some words about this blog

I’m a graduate of Coventry Uni with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Media and a master’s degree in Marketing Management. I have been interning with magazines and newspapers and I decided to create my own little space online so that I can have creative control and share stories from my own perspective. I believe that you (and I.. and anyone else) do not have to be one thing. Serious or fun; Loud or quiet; bold or timid (well, you get the idea) so I created this space to bring together things and people that probably might not all be found in one place. Welcome to The Amba Imprint.

You might be thinking… What does ‘The Amba Imprint’ even mean? First, Amba is a name native to the Babur people of North Eastern Nigeria. That was the name of my late grandmother – a strong and selfless woman who worked hard on the farm, took care of her children in the most extreme conditions and lived selflessly. I am proud to be named after her but she left such big shoes to fill. Her life on this Earth┬áreminds me to be strong and there are so many different shades of strong. That is the significance of Amba to me and on my blog – strength.

Imprint means to impress or stamp something on a surface. This is to hoping that every post serves as in imprint on someone’s mind and inspires at least one person, sheds light on at least one person and encourages positivity in a virtual world filled with so much negativity.

Opinions about posts or anything else are more than welcome..

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