An Evening with Noel Empraw

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Classic Rock Café is a cool cozy café bathed in warm colours while the walls are decked with pictures of rock and roll legends. The ambience was warm and begging for a return some other day.

Noel Empraw had his showcase there last night(13th June 2015) and I looked forward to his inspirational music. Such events that allow you to have a personal interaction with an artist are things that make me want to go home and listen to the artist some more.

Chris Ade, a Project Fame contestant from season 5 was in the room to support the movement. The room floated with musical instruments such as pianos and saxophones.

Fade, a saxophonist, begins the night of entertainment. This was for those who truly appreciate music.

Noel boasts a story of coming from the streets. Not in the American way that glorifies gangsters but in a way that describes an escape from a much harder life. Noel Empraw boasts that he is no more the man that he used to be.

Femi Jubal plays his guitar and there are even poetry recitations within the night. A lover of art in its glorious and different forms would have been in heaven at.. an evening with Noel Empraw.








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